Would you like to collaborate with the Music of History project? You can do it in several ways!

If you play any musical instrument (orchestral, ethnic or any other kind), or you have a good voice for singing, and you are able to read music and record your performace, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at info (.@.) musicofhistory.com, with the subject “collaboration”. You can be part of the next Music of History episode! Your name and your website or blog will be credited in the video info, and your performance will be listened along with the video.

Also, you can help by donating any amount of money via paypal. This way you can support my studio to buy new equipment and music libraries, and to develop new “Music of History” episodes!

As always, we encorage you to share the episodes over every social network known, like Facebook or Twitter, and of course feel free to post them in your blog or webpage.


Remember that your help can make a difference