Music of History is an audiovisual project created by composer Jesús Calderón. Its main intent is to show remarkable events from our history in a new conceptual way, through images in motion and original music in the form of instrumental mini-documentaries.

Jesús Calderón has composed for more than a dozen of short-films, documentaries, animation, and many other audiovisual projects for directors from different countries around the world.
He won the “Gold Medal for Excellence” in the Park City Film Music Festival from Utah (USA) in 2007, and the last year in the International Film Music Festival “Ciudad de Úbeda”, he won the “Best Song” award in the Jerry Goldsmith Competition for young composers.

Along the composition of soundtracks, Jesús has composed some music albums in the past, and “Music of History” is another attempt to compose original music without any limitations.

Usually, cinema composers have to fit to a given scene with a defined timing, and sometimes the creativity and inspiration have to be limited to serve better the final result mixed with the video.
But in “Music of History” the process is made backwards. First, the music is composed freely around the selected topic or historic event, and when it’s done the video editing begins, trying to create a cohesive story around the music track.

“Music of History” is an overgrowing project, and new videos are being created periodically.
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