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I’m honored to show you another “Music of History” episode. Since the first days of civilization, the man always wanted to tell stories; Over the rocks, on paper or in modern technologic devices connected to internet. The books were a big advance in how the human learned to record for ever the knowledge of past generations and his own history in countless languages.
You’ll notice that the music style for this episode is slightly different from the rest. That’s because is a tribute to the minimal music, and is inspired by some of my favourite composers, as Michael Nyman, Philip Glass or Wim Mertens.

I hope you like it, and please, share this video through facebook, twitter, or send it by email to anyone. Thanks for watching!

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Time for a full new episode of “Music of History”. And with extended length (there’s a lot of things to tell about the matter, as you will see)
This is the story of the relation of the humankind with our planet, and more focused in the events from the “Industrial Revolution”. We have used the Nature for our own purposes, polluting and killing the creatures that live here with us.
In the last few years, it seems that with the help of the science, we’re developing clean ways to produce our energy, and there’s a promising future ahead… or maybe not.

We must remember that the planet Earth is our only home, and we need to take care of it. Is it too late for the change? The next generations will decide it.

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Finally, here it’s the second episode of “Music of History”!
This time, we travel back in time to know about the old egyptian civilization. Today, through archeological discoveries, we can recreate how life was in those times, but the building of the great temples and the amazing pyramids are still a mystery…

I hope you like this first episode from the “The Lost Empires” series. One of the greatest things of history is to be able to travel through time and space, and take a look to these incredible cultures. Remember to share the episodes through social networks or via e-mail!

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This is the first episode of “MUSIC of HISTORY”. It tells the story of genetics, from Gregor Mendel, an Augustinian monk and scientist who studied the nature of inheritance in plants in the mid-19th century, to modern discoveries as the complete human genoma. In this episode, the music is mainly electronic, with some orchestral touches. It adds motion and energy to the scientific topic of the theme.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video, new episodes will be added soon. Remember to share the episodes through social networks or via e-mail!

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